SBAM 23-24/1 Campus Assembly

Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay
2023-24 Academic Year (1st Term)
Campus Assembly

Date: 24/6/2023
Time: 2:00 pm onwards
Network: Faculty & Students
Venue: Assembly Hall

  • All students are required to attend the assembly.
  • All are encouraged to participate in the discussion on the SBAM programs before and during the assembly via online discussion forum @

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SBAM 22-23/1 Research Grant & Academic Excellence Award

Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay
2022-23 Academic Year (1st Term)
Research Grant and Academic Excellence Award

Research Grand Sponsor: ပညာနန်းတော် မိသားစု
Academic Excellence Award Sponsor: Dhammapariyāya Foundation

Academic Excellence Award (All Semesters)
BA (2018-19 – 2020-21)
SBAM 00442 Ma Rūpanandī

Diploma (2019-20 – 2020-21)
SBAM 00559 Ma Paññācāri

သမိုင်းတံခွန်Research Grant Award (MA 2022-23)
SBAM 00347 Ashin Cittara
SBAM 00459 Ma Vicārī
SBAM 00554 Miss Khin San San Aye

Academic Excellence Award (Semester)
MA 2nd (2020-21)
SBAM 00389 Ma Kesārī

BA 4th (2020-21)
SBAM 00471 Ashin Sundarālaṅkāra

BA 2nd (2020-21)
SBAM 00557 Ashin Paññāvaṃsa

Dip 4th (2020-21)
SBAM 00559 Ma Paññācāri

Dip Entrance (2022-23)
SBAM 00615 Ashin Suvijāta