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SBAM Research Repository Beta Test

Sitagu Buddhist Academy MandalayOnline Research Repository (Beta Testing!)https://repository.sbamdy.edu.mm/ 🔍Access to Advancement of Knowledge🌠 For Research Students & Scholars📌SBAM Research Works📍 Myanmar / Pāḷi / English More info @ https://sbamdy.edu.mm/repository/


2022-23 Academic Year

2nd Term

1st Term

2020-21 Academic Year

Annual Seminar

Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay
3rd Annual Seminar Online

More info: Call for Research Paper

Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay
2nd Annual Seminar Online

Call for Research Paper > https://sbamdy.edu.mm/sbam-2nd-annual-seminar-call-for-paper/

Seminar Program > https://sbamdy.edu.mm/sbam-2nd-annual-seminar-online-program/

Day 1 > https://sbamdy.edu.mm/sbam-2nd-annual-seminar-online-day-1/

Day 2 > https://sbamdy.edu.mm/sbam-2nd-annual-seminar-online-day-2/

SBAM 1st Annual Seminar
Date: 24/12/2019 & 25/12/2019
Venue: Taw Win Conference Hall, SBAM

SBAM 1st Annual Seminar 2019 Papers > Here



Research Exhibition: Food, Feast & Faith in Buddhism 23/1/2023 – 29-1/2023 | Graphic Novel Pāḷi Exhibition Part 3- 17/12/2022 – 16/1/2023 @ SBA Library Mandalay
More info @ https://sbamdy.edu.mm/sbam-22-23-2-research-exhibition-opening-event/

Opening Session on SBAM YouTube


Opening Event @ SBAM YouTube Channel

2020-21 Academic Year

Sambodhiparāyana: Photo Poetry Online Exhibition

Saṃbodhiparāyaṇa Opening Event on SBAM YouTube

2019-20 Academic Year

Opening Event @ SBAM YouTube

2018-19 Academic Year

2017-18 Academic Year