SBAM Open Learning Program 2021/22

Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay
2021-22 Academic Year
Open Learning Program

Foundation Course
Preparation Course
For Diploma, BA & MA Buddhist Studies

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SBAM Academic Development Scheme

Kuthodaw Pitaka Digital Library

Pañcamasaṅgāyanā: 150th Anniversary (1871 – 2021)
Kuthodaw Piṭaka Digital Library

Launching online on the special occasion of the Full Moon Day of Vesak 2565

☸ Vinaya Pitaka – 111 Slabs
📜 Inscriptions and texts with PDF View
📝 Contents with Chaṭṭhasaṅgāyanā & Kuthodaw Edition
📌 Pinpoint location with Google Map View

Library, Research & Development Program
Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay