BA Program


  1. Acquire English language fluency for academic writing.
  2. Learn and articulate the historical development of Saṃgha Order, monastic rules, and procedures for major and minor Saṃgha Affairs.
  3. Learn and study the story of the historical Buddha, Buddhist theory of causality and metaphysics, monkhood, and meditation for liberation.
  4. Learn, study and apply Theravāda Abhidhamma, its interconnectivity together with its history and authenticity.
  5. Study and practice meditation for high mental integrity, sharp-focus, and wisdom.
  6. Analyse and gain an understanding of world-views, philosophy, and religions and its diversity.
  7. Learn and study the history, culture, art and architecture of Buddhism
  8. Learn, articulate, and reconcile the seemingly contradictory views and opinions in relation with religions in general and Buddhism in particular from diverse perspectives.

Entrance for BA

Applicant who is applying for BA Course

  1. Must have obtained BA or BSc from any Government recognized Universities or any Dhammācariya Degree from Mandalay Sakyasīha Association, Yangon Cetiyaṅgana Association, Department of Religious Affair Myanmar and State Pariyatti University Yangon & Mandalay.
  2. Must be under 35 (for monk and nun) at the time of application.
  3. Must enter the entrance exam except for those who have obtained Diploma Certificate from three Sitagu International Buddhist Academies. 
  4. Must abide by the decision of the Selection Board.

Exam for BA

  1. Students who have 75% attendance will be allowed to enter exam.
  2. Final decision of Examination Board will be made if valid health reason is submitted by those who have not 75% attendance.
  3. 40% of Total mark is pass mark of each and every subject.
  4. Final Qualification Exam will be held at the end of each Semester.

Degree for BA

BA Certificate will be conferred only on students who have passed all subjects. 

Teaching Program

  1. Vinaya
  2. Suttanta
  3. Abhidhamma
  4. Paṭipatti
  5. Milindpañhā
  6. Buddhist History, Culture, Art and Architecture
  7. Philosophy
  8. Comparative Religious Studies
  9. Academic English
  10. Pāḷi
  11. ICT
  12. R&D

BA Course Plan

2nd Semester3rd
Academic EnglishAcademic EnglishPhilosophyBuddhist History…
in India
Buddhist History…
in Myanmar
Buddhist History…
in Asia
VinayaVinayaPaṭipatti Paṭipatti Paṭipatti Paṭipatti
SuttantaSuttantaSuttantaComparative Religious StudiesMiliṅda Pañhā IMiliṅda Pañhā II

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