MA Program


  1. Acquire advanced knowledge, skill sets and a wide variety of traditional and scientific approaches for research excellence.
  2. Learn and articulate the core of Tipiṭaka through the in-depth analysis of textual study and multi-disciplinary aspects.
  3. Strengthen the clear comprehension on origin and development of Pāḷi Literature with traditional and contemporary approach from home and abroad.
  4. Understand the philosophical perspective of ethics through Buddhist ethical value and dimension.
  5. Analyse and gain an understanding of the diversity of philosophical aspects in the East and West.
  6. Learn and examine the history, culture, art and architecture of Buddhism across the globe.
  7. Learn and reconcile the contradictory views and opinions in relation with religions in general and Buddhism in particular from diverse perspectives in pluralistic societies.
  8. Create and provide quality research environment with substantial impact on Buddhist Studies

Entrance for MA Course

Applicant who is applying for MA Course

  • Must have passed BA Course with 55% of average mark from SIBA
  • Must have passed BA Course in Humanities and Social Science (with 55% of average mark or Grade B+ or higher) from any English-medium Universities home and abroad
  • Must enter and pass the entrance exam
  • Must pass personal interview


  • Local University means Government recognized university.
  • International University means SIBA recognized university.

Degree for MA

  1. Degree will be conferred on those who obtain Grade D and higher in each subject.
  2. Every student is required to submit research dissertation in time.
  3. Supplementary Exam will not be conducted for subject failure. Reentry for that subject will be allowed only in the next academic year.

Teaching Program

  1. Advanced Study of Vinaya
  2. Philosophy of Buddhist Ethics
  3. Advanced Study of Suttanta
  4. Philosophy
  5. Advanced Study of Abhidhamma
  6. Understanding of World Religions
  7. History of Buddhism
  8. Pali Literature
  9. Research Methodology
  10. Research IT
  11. Fieldwork
  12. Dissertation
  13. R&D

MA Course Plan

4th Semester
Advanced Study of VinayaAdvanced Study of SuttantaAdvanced Study of AbhidhammaDissertation
Philosophy of Buddhist EthicsPhilosophy  World Religions
Research MethodologyHistory of BuddhismPali Literature
Research ITFieldworkFieldwork

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