SBAM 2nd Annual Seminar 2022 Papers

Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay
2nd Annual Seminar 2022
Research Papers

NoNamePaper Title
1Ashin VicāraAn Approach to Sekhiya through the Criteria of Civilization
2Ashin ObhasaMutual Control System in Sayar-Dakar Relationship: Buddhist Perspective
3Ashin PanḍhavaṃsaImpact of Digital Technology on Buddhist Education
4Ashin NandobhāsaWord Clutter in the Khuddakapāṭha of the Buddhist Pāḷi Cannon: Textual Study with Different Editions
5Ashin SumanaA Comparative Study of Variants: Saṅghammajhāyanti and Saṅkasāyanti in Sammacitta Vagga
6Ashin ÑāṇasīriA Study of Religious Belief of Khamee Tribe in Myanmar
7Ashin VicakkhanāaMeditation Methods of Ledi Sayadaw and impact on new generations
8Ma KesārīThe Power of Saddhā for the Capacity Development of Learners in the Field of Buddhist Studies
9Ashin PaṇḍavaFresh Discovery of Ideologies from Buddhist Literature
Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay Ⓒ 2022

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SBAM 1st Annual Seminar 2019 Papers

Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay
1st Annual Seminar 2019
Research Papers

NoNamePaper Title
1Ashin Paṇḍavaṃsa
SBAM – 00298
The Affiliation of Abbot Training Schools towards Village Abbots and Monastic Education
2Ashin Obhāsa
SBAM – 00167
Waning Age (Kaliyuga) and Its Influence over decline in Education
3Ashin Nisanātha
SBAM – 00180
Monk & Social Welfare Work
4Ashin Janinda
SBAM – 00002
The Way to Reduce Corruption: Buddhist Perspective
5Ashin Ariya
SBAM – 00005
Buddhist Perspective on Air Pollution
6Ashin Candobhāsa SBAM – 00061Today Myanmar Young Men and the Mental Personality of Obedience (Sovasassata)
7Ashin Revata
SBAM – 00213
Buddha’s Teaching of Question and Example for Advancement of children’s Knowledge
8Ashin Indāvudha
SBAM – 00024
Buddha’s Instruction for the Acquisition of Wealth
9Ashin Janaka
SBAM – 00007
A Study of the Way to Overcome Conceit (Māna) on ordinary person
10Ashin Indavaṃsa
SBAM – 00463
Historical Study of Candamuni Marble slabs of Aṭṭhakathā and Ṭikā in Mandalay
11Ashin Janinda
SBAM – 00076
An Important Role of Environment for Man’s Happiness and Suffering
12Ashin Candimā
SBAM – 00178
Monks’ Opinion on the Current Pathamapyan Pariyatti Education in Myanmar
13Ashin Vindaka
SBAM – 00297
Pariyatti Education and Monks’ Attitude
14Ma Esiṅgī
SBAM – 00196
The Nun Society and its Social Work in Myanmar
15Ashin Nandācāra
SBAM – 00063
The Value of Mettā (Loving-kindness) and Its Impact on Multicultural Society
16Ma Anjananyani
SBAM – 00117
Survey on Myanmar Buddhist Nuns’ Attitude towards Piṭaka Library in Mandalay
17Ashin Vilāsagga
SBAM – 00464
The Comparative Study of Mandalay Sāsanā Laṅkāra Examination and Pathamapyan Examinations
18Ashin Jāneyya
SBAM – 00223
Buddhist Ethical Approach to Environmental Conservation
19Ma Paññāsingī
SBAM – 00230
People’s Current Views on Bāla: A Buddhist Perspective
20Ashin Sucitta
SBAM – 00018
Hate speech and Social Media
21Ma Ñāṇavati
SBAM – 00116
A Socio-Ethical Perspective on Root Causes of Violence Against Women
Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay Ⓒ 2020

*** Research Papers are available at SBAM Online Research Database.