SBAM 1st Annual Seminar 2019 Papers

Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay
1st Annual Seminar 2019
Research Papers

NoNamePaper Title
1Ashin Paṇḍavaṃsa
SBAM – 00298
The Affiliation of Abbot Training Schools towards Village Abbots and Monastic Education
2Ashin Obhāsa
SBAM – 00167
Waning Age (Kaliyuga) and Its Influence over decline in Education
3Ashin Nisanātha
SBAM – 00180
Monk & Social Welfare Work
4Ashin Janinda
SBAM – 00002
The Way to Reduce Corruption: Buddhist Perspective
5Ashin Ariya
SBAM – 00005
Buddhist Perspective on Air Pollution
6Ashin Candobhāsa SBAM – 00061Today Myanmar Young Men and the Mental Personality of Obedience (Sovasassata)
7Ashin Revata
SBAM – 00213
Buddha’s Teaching of Question and Example for Advancement of children’s Knowledge
8Ashin Indāvudha
SBAM – 00024
Buddha’s Instruction for the Acquisition of Wealth
9Ashin Janaka
SBAM – 00007
A Study of the Way to Overcome Conceit (Māna) on ordinary person
10Ashin Indavaṃsa
SBAM – 00463
Historical Study of Candamuni Marble slabs of Aṭṭhakathā and Ṭikā in Mandalay
11Ashin Janinda
SBAM – 00076
An Important Role of Environment for Man’s Happiness and Suffering
12Ashin Candimā
SBAM – 00178
Monks’ Opinion on the Current Pathamapyan Pariyatti Education in Myanmar
13Ashin Vindaka
SBAM – 00297
Pariyatti Education and Monks’ Attitude
14Ma Esiṅgī
SBAM – 00196
The Nun Society and its Social Work in Myanmar
15Ashin Nandācāra
SBAM – 00063
The Value of Mettā (Loving-kindness) and Its Impact on Multicultural Society
16Ma Anjananyani
SBAM – 00117
Survey on Myanmar Buddhist Nuns’ Attitude towards Piṭaka Library in Mandalay
17Ashin Vilāsagga
SBAM – 00464
The Comparative Study of Mandalay Sāsanā Laṅkāra Examination and Pathamapyan Examinations
18Ashin Jāneyya
SBAM – 00223
Buddhist Ethical Approach to Environmental Conservation
19Ma Paññāsingī
SBAM – 00230
People’s Current Views on Bāla: A Buddhist Perspective
20Ashin Sucitta
SBAM – 00018
Hate speech and Social Media
21Ma Ñāṇavati
SBAM – 00116
A Socio-Ethical Perspective on Root Causes of Violence Against Women
Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay Ⓒ 2020

*** Research Papers are available at SBAM Online Research Database.

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