Postgraduate Research

Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay
Research Projects (Master Level)


ProjectMA Level
The Role of Piṭaka-based Pāḷi Learning System in the advent of Paradigm Shift in 21st Century Education: A Case Study on Myanmar Pariyatti Education MonasteriesTeam
Buddhism East and West: Historical Analysis on Women’s Movements from ancient to modern timeTeam
A Textual Study of Myanmar Piṭaka Parallels through the Integrated Approach of Dammācariya MethodologyIndividual
Social Action Research: Strategic Design and ImplementationIndividual
Dhamma Lecturers’ attitudes on the historical significance of Kuthodaw Pagoda Piṭaka Inscriptions of Pañcama Saṅgāyana version: Socio-historical StudyIndividual
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ProjectMA Level
DissertationIndividual (2019)
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