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Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay
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ProjectMA Level
Lecturers and Students’ attitude towards the role of Piṭaka Nissaya and impact on the Pariyatti learning system: An educational Survey at Dhammacariya and Al̥ankāra Education Monasteries in MandalayTeam
A methodological study of Dhammacariya interpretation formats and English translation approach on paralleled Pāḷī PiṭakaIndividual
Research Skills Development Strategy for multidisciplinary approach in Buddhist StudiesIndividual
Decline of Traditional Piṭaka Libraires and its impact on Modern Academic Libraries at the advent of Buddhist Institutions
in Myanmar Higher Education Sector: Socio-historical Study
Cultural Identity Transformation of Food, Feast and Faith
in Buddhism East and West: A Historical Appraisal
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ProjectMA Level
DissertationIndividual (2020)